Why to come

The island of Symi

Symi is an island that has a little of everything: beautiful environment, nice taverns and wonderful waters for swimming. It fascinates you from the very first moment that the ship approaches the port of Gialos. The neoclassical mansions in the port of Symi, Gialos, keep alive the color of the past and transmit you the same glamor. In the port you will admire the Cathedral of Timios Prodromos of 1838, the Customs, the Fish Market, the stone bridge, the statue of the little fisherman, the clock of 1881 and the old shipyard in the Harani district. Five hundred stone, wide stairs lead you from Gialos to the Village, Ano Symi. This is Kali Strata: houses and shops in the richest and most beautiful area. As soon as you reach the village the locals will show you everything: Spetsaria, the old municipal pharmacy, the house of Hatziagapitou-Hatziioannou with the impressive hall. Farmakidis that houses the Archaeological-Folklore Museum.

In the capital of Symi, one will discover inside the neoclassical, painted ceilings – a sign of prosperity and wealth, when captains and spongers adorned their mansions. Beautiful mansions or two-storey paths with ocher-painted tiles. Picturesque taverns and restaurants will be waiting for you to taste the Symian prawn. While if you want to pray for a “miracle”, on the other side of Symi, Brigadier General Michael Panormitis, famous for his miracles, will be waiting for you. The whole of Symi and the islands around it have been declared archeological sites by the Central Archaeological Council.

Our island is waiting for you!