Symi was declared an early settlement, and managed to maintain the central character of its architecture. This was done in 1971 and specifically with the ministerial decision no. 24908 / 23-10-1971 where the settlement is considered a “historic place in need of special protection”. Ocher, salmon, red, light blue, white. The color palette becomes more and more bold in the large neoclassical houses of Gialos that have been restored. The rest of the settlement, a mixture of Aegean architecture with Venetian elements, is equally impressive in appearance and size. Neoclassical facades, symmetrical openings, windows and doors with balconies make the buildings of Gialos look like human faces. Two-legged and three-legged captain’s houses, painted with the palette of color freedom. Roof, courtyards paved with pebbles, decorative floors, gables and tiled roofs. Images in indigo and ocher that directly refer to the period of great prosperity, the 19th century and the current of neoclassicism.