Archaeological-Folklore Museum

The Archaeological-Folklore Museum of Symi was founded in 1961 and is housed in a traditional mansion of the Gianneski family and is located in the Lieni district, in the village. It consists of “upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, cistern and courtyard” with neoclassical elements added in 1875. The exhibits cover the history of the island from prehistoric times to post-Byzantine times.

Inside, amphorae and sculptures of various historical periods travel the viewer over the years. In its five rooms, it hosts collections that include findings from the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as folklore exhibits.

Among them, the representation of the interior of the Symian house is of particular interest, where a clear picture of the daily life of the inhabitants in the past years is given, while traditional costumes complete the folklore collection of the museum.

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