Our municipality has a variety of attractions that will enchant you.
We provide information about each of our attractions, you can browse to learn its history.


Symi was declared an early settlement, and managed to maintain the central character of its architecture. This was done in 1971 and specifically with the ministerial decision no. 24908 / 23-10-1971 where the settlement is considered a “historic place in need of special protection”. Ocher, salmon, red, light blue, white. The color palette becomes more […]

Kali Strata

It is a set of 500 wide steps that connect Gialos with the Village. Along the way one realizes the beauty of the traditional settlement of unique architecture with the two-storey houses, built next to each other, so as to form a "natural" wall. Also, in several parts of the route, the view of the endless blue and the sea emerges between the mansions.

The statue of “Michalakis”

The statue of the little fisherman "Michalakis", depicts a child holding a fishing rod. This is a statue of the famous Symian sculptor Costas Valsamis, who inspired and created it in the form of a Symian boy, because in Symi there are many young and old fishermen !!!

Stone municipal clock of 1881

The municipal clock is the first attraction that the visitor sees when he arrives on the island, since it is located in the old tourist port of the island, thus making it visible from any sea and from several parts of the island.